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These are 'floats' which tell students how many words or pages they need to do per day. Students simply tap in their title, word count and deadline.

How does this help ?

Lots of students procrastinate

It's no big surprise that students often procrastinate at university and leave their essay deadline to the last hour. We have spoken to students who have said that they often lose motivation or focus because they can't seem to get a hold over how to start their essay cycle. We had a simple answer with our app that students are able to see their deadline and how many words they need to achieve that day to complete on time. Some students need to be constantly reminded daily of the things they need to do to achieve their goals. With Float, we hope to be able to take out stress that follows students that procrastinate. 


Ways we help students within our app

We want to make our app fun with the hope that students tap in daily to find out where there word counts are at. We have additional features that help students with their essays. 


Battle friends as you pass them your word counts to serve you back.

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Discuss and learn together as you join conversations about the books and resources that you are studying from.

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Add friends to your campus and leave emoji updates for each other.

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We have added the ability to make 'floats' for books too!

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